Immigration Mass Awareness Campaign for all Americans so that all our voices are equally loud if not louder than DACA decibels

Campaign budget $5M. $1M to be donated by Kumar family

60+ Years of Wait to Get Green Card for Legal, qualified & Law Abiding Residents is unacceptable – Merit Based Immigration is the way to go!

LEGAL Dreamers Deserves Better! – Immediate Green Cards for DALCA Kids

Come and be part of the largest immigration awareness campaign!
• Run Ads on Mainstream Media
• Run Social Media Campaign

Let’s Join Hands Now as Time is Running Out!

RHC Letter on Immigration to President and Congressional Leaders

Op-Ed on DACA and DALCA by Founder Shalabh Kumar in Washington Times.

Every single dollar will go in a separate account and will be exclusively used for World Class Television campaign on Immigration Mass Awareness Campaign on Main Stream Media and Social Media to make ALL Americans aware.

Kumar Family has pledged to contribute 20% of the funds needed to a maximum of $1M.

Contribute to this Campaign to reach our goal of $5M.