Speaker Newt Gingrich

“I thank all of you for coming out and for being here this evening. I think this is very very important as the launch of what will be historically a very very important organization, and I want to particularly recognize without Shalli Kumar’s leadership and persistence this would not have happened…Before launching the Republican Hindu Coalition, Shalli has been a very important bridge between our two countries.”
“Let's be clear, there is a direct tie between what happened in Paris and what happened several years ago in Mumbai. There is a common enemy; there is a common threat. And it is only appropriate that the world's largest democracy in numbers and world's most powerful democracy in military power should be natural allies, fighting on behalf of civilization. So I see this organization (RHC) as potentially playing an important role in being a bridge between America and India and across all of the world Hindu community.”
“I think it’s very important that we not accelerate any arms race in the region. We should be very cautious. I am frankly very, very concerned about instability in the region and very, very concerned about the size of the Pakistani nuclear stockpile and the fragility of the Pakistani government. We now live in a very dangerous world. I think the sale of the F-16 needs to reviewed carefully and frankly don't think the nuclear arms version of the F-16 should be sold. It exacerbates the arms race that we should be against.”
“We also have a very deep interest in recognizing that there is global war underway between Islamic supremacists who would impose a way of life on all of us and the rest of the world. This not going to go away it’s going to be a very long conflict. The alliance and deep commitment of both India and US is vital to our civilization winning this.”
“An organization like the RHC could dramatically change history”