Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar

We are grateful to the leaders of RJC for encouraging and supporting the formation of RHC. I particularly thank Chairman Pete Sessions, Chairman Ed Royce and Chairwoman Cathy M. Rodgers for their encouragement and support. And I am most grateful to my friend Speaker Newt Gingrich for embracing RHC and accepting to be its guiding light and Honorary Chairman. Newt has been an incredible resource for all aspects of RHC formation, its inauguration, its operations in its infancy stage and its future plans.
We are equally grateful to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senators Rob Portman, Ron Johnson, Thom Tillis, Roy Blunt, Kelly Ayotte and Congressmen Ed Royce, George Holding, Peter Roskam, Rodney Davis, French Hill, David Jolly, McHenry, Carlos Curbelo, Cynthia Lummis, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Bob Dold and Pete Olsen, to grace the inauguration of RHC on Nov. 17th, 2015 in Washington D.C.
Almost 3 million Hindu Americans with the highest education, highest per capita income, highest % contributions to charity, least dependent on government, and with highest percentage of entrepreneurs, need to have their voices heard on the policy making tables of both the United States and India. Just like RJC is such a voice for Jewish Americans, RHC shall be that voice for Hindu Americans.
Our core conservative principles, 4 Fs, of free enterprise with minimal government involvement, fiscal discipline, strong family values and firm foreign policy when followed by policy makers in both US and India would lead to a Reagansque peace and prosperity all around the world and make 21st to be an Indo-American century. And when I say, Fiscal discipline, it is not what is fashionable in Washington DC these days when you can claim a 4% growth in spending as a spending cut because you had forecasted it earlier to be 6%. From where I come from, it is called deception. For us Hindu Americans, no spending program is sacrosanct. If it has to be cut, it has to be cut just like we cut spending in business when things get slow.
RHC shall also play a major role in expanding trade with India. While we promote “Made in America”, we are keen to have US develop India as an alternate to China for its manufacturing needs that fit well with PM Modi’s “make in India” program.
RHC shall build a single unified platform for all those Hindu Americans who care deeply about the future of our adopted homeland, the greatest country on the face of this Earth, as it is currently headed to an economic suicide.
I commit to contribute $2 million personally to advance Republican and conservative causes in 2016. Additionally, I intend to encourage others to actively participate through the RHC and through personal contributions to candidates and causes as the 2016 election approaches.
Speaker Newt Gingrich

September 8, 2015

Shalabh Kumar
Chairman and CEO
AVG Advanced Technologies
363 St. Paul Boulevard
Carol Stream, IL 60188

Dear Mr. Kumar,

The election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a useful starting point for developing a Republican Hindu Coalition.

Prime Minister Modi's efforts to modernize the bureaucracy, emphasize economic growth and strengthen free enterprise are efforts we can applaud and learn from.

America should have a clear commitment to increasing trade with Bharata (India).

The world's two largest democracies should be natural allies.

A Republican Hindu Coalition can play a unique and historic role working with both the current Republican Congress and the next Republican president to strengthen ties with India.

With the rise in Hindu Americans' numbers and influence, there is a great opportunity to elect more of these citizens to public office.

Finally, in confronting the violence of Islamic supremacists around the world, there is a potential for cooperation among Hindus, Jews and Christians in challenging the extremist ideology.

For all of these reasons, I applaud and support your efforts to develop a Republican Hindu Coalition and am honored to serve as the Honorary Chairman.

Your Friend

Pete Sessions
Member of Congress
Chairman Rules Committee
George Holding
Member of Congress
Co-Chairman India Caucus
Pete Olsen
Member of Congress

Republican Hindu Coalition
C/o Sheela Nagarajan
P.O. Box 87611
Carol Stream,
IL 60188-5204

Mrs. Nagarajan, We would like to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation for the invitation to serve as Honorary Advisory Council Members for the Republican Hindu Coalition.

We are excited about the formation of this Coalition and its underlying goal of increasing IndianAmerican participation in our government via the promotion of conservative principles. We share the notion that limited government, rule of law, and free enterprise are the bedrock to ensuring a sound and pro-growth society. The Republican Hindu Coalition is a natural partnership for Indian-Americans nationwide given our shared commitment to fiscal responsibility, small business, and entrepreneurship.

As advisory members, we look forward to working with the Republican Hindu Coalition to advance freedom and prosperity. We applaud and support the efforts to develop a Hindu Republican Coalition and are honored to serve as Honorary Advisory Council Members.

Pete Sessions, Member of Congress, Chairman Rules Committee
George Holding, Member of Congress, Co-Chairman India Caucus
Pete Olsen, Member of Congress